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Living With Intention

Empowering Women

to Achieve Optimal Well-Being


 I am glad you're here...

When I was 15 years old, I stumbled upon a book that would forever change my life.  After reading through the pages, I knew that I wanted to make my life count.  I wanted to be purposeful about my words, my relationships, my actions.  And so, throughout my life, I have tried to do just that.  To live my life thinking about how to live intentionally.

Today, I am a life coach specializing in empowering women toward creating an optimal well-being in their lives through learning to live in an intentional and purposeful way.  Through using my assessments, outcomes, goal-setting and specific model of life coaching, my clients learn to live intentionally, rise above mediocrity, identify their purpose, and form a well-designed life that they dream of living.


I offer online learning, assessments, outcomes, training, and action plans as well as in person and video chat sessions.  I use proven methods of models of coaching as well as new curriculum that is personally designed by me and is easy to implement into your busy life.  Through using my online university, my clients can assess where they are, plan where they want to go and have the accountability of a skilled professional to help them get there.

I look forward to assisting you in creating the vision and life that you have always wanted but has eluded you up until now.  Please feel free to peruse my site and send me a message if you would like to begin your journey. 

Quote of the week 

"In order to have the life that matters, one mu​st make space for that which matters".

Article of the week

One of my favorite websites, Hands Free Mama, boasts some of the most profound writing on the web.  Check out Rachel's post on Finding Your Voice.  I know you'll love it! 

Video of the week

Everyday I see videos that inspire me.  My hope is that the videos I link to here will be of great encouragement to you throughout your week of intentional living.

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