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 About Katrina

Living With Intention


I have always been a goal-driven individual.  A balancing act between task oriented and relationship centered.  My deepest heart is to feel at peace with my self, my family, and my environment.  I have been married for 25 years to my husband, Val, and we have five beautiful children--all adopted at various stages of their lives and all with amazing and powerful stories.  


I have a Masters in Human Services Counseling and Life Coaching and am currently working on my Doctoral degree in Community Care Counseling from Liberty University.  I am passionate about writing, designing extraordinary curriculum, creating models of coaching that work, and helping individuals focus on their lives with purpose and intention.  In addition to helping my clients, my life's purpose is in helping children in foster care make connections so that they can find their forever families.  

I am also a seasoned speaker and love connecting with audiences through the message of living intentionally.  Please visit my Speakers Corner page for more information on how you can have me come to your event!

If you are new here, I want to welcome you.  You will find my blog where I write about my favorite topics on intentional living.  You will also find my Intentional University page where you may choose from articles, how-to videos, challenges and more.   You will also find my videos where I teach important principles and processes in these areas and also offer how-to videos.  All of this information is free.  If you decide to become a client, you will have access to my comprehensive coaching program which you can learn more about under my Coaching page.


Check out my Gift of Giving contest where you can win $250 in order to "pay it forward" to someone in your community or my Colorado Miracle Crew page which seeks to raise money for local neighbors in need so that we can become their miracle!  And don't forget to put your thoughts on paper and send them to me.  Every month I post a blog-style article in the Your Thoughts page from a reader about Intentional Living and the chosen winner will receive a Living With Intention tee shirt as a gift .  You will find my Gallery with beautiful photos that inspire me to live more intentionally everyday.  And lastly, you will find The Magazine where you will find informational articles about Intentional Living, health and wellness.


Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!

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What Does Living With Intention Mean to You?


Finding Patience in Everyday Life?

Cultivating Giving as a Habit?

Purposeful Relationships?

Developing Margin for What Matters?

Focused Schedules and Processes?

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