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Living With Intention


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I have always been a goal-driven individual.  A balancing act between task oriented and relationship centered.  My deepest heart is to feel at peace with my self, my children and my environment.  But it is those times when we are not at peace that drive us to dig deeper--to learn more.  After nearly 50 years, I have landed at a peaceful time but with many learning opportunities along the way.  I am a mama to five beautiful children--all adopted at various stages of their lives and all with amazing and powerful stories.  I am an educator both by trade and by choice.  I homeschool my children full time.  I love utilizing my previous skills as a curriculum writer, speaker and presenter in an everyday atmosphere.  I have been married for 22 years and we reside on a lovely small farm (of sorts) where I strive to live a purposeful life.  I appreciate a clean kitchen, a well-stocked pantry and minimal clutter.  I love beauty and the feeling it gives me to gaze upon something that satisfies me at the soul level.  My favorite day consists of sunshine warming my face, chickens scratching around, children finding their purpose in the out-of-doors and picking something bright, bold and beautiful from the garden.  To me, it just doesn't get any better than that.


If you are new here, I want to welcome you.  You will find my blog where I write about my favorite topics.  You will also find my Intentional University page where you may choose from articles, how-to videos, challenges and more.  This is a great place to learn more about Intentional Living through finding peace and patience in your everyday life, generosity, building margin into your life and relationships, our homes and the processes to make them run easier and more efficiently, and creating beauty in everyday life.  I also write about natural diets and health and how becoming less will give you more.  You will also find my videos where I teach important principles and processes in these areas and also offer how-to videos.  


Check out my Gift of Giving contest where you can win $250 in order to "pay it forward" to someone in your community or my Colorado Miracle Crew page which seeks to raise money for local neighbors in need so that we can become their miracle!  And don't forget to put your thoughts on paper and send them to me.  Every week I post a blog-style article in the Your Thoughts page from a reader about Intentional Living.  You will find my Gallery with beautiful photos that inspire me to live more intentionally everyday.  And lastly, you will find The Magazine where you will find informational articles about Intentional Living, health and wellness.


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