Living With Intention


May 11, 2017

I once read that generosity is managing your resources well so that you can give to others in need.  I thought about that.  How well did I manage my resources?  How purposefully did I give to others?  I decided to do a little experiment.  Last Christmas, I chose to set aside a portion of our Christmas-present money for people we didn't know.  Instead of spending all of our budget on ourselves, we reserved some.  With this money, we bought gift cards and small Christmas bags filled with frosted cookies and treats.  The kids and I headed to our local task force which helps people in need of groceries.  They are able to come in a couple of times a year if they find themselves in a difficult situation.  We parked our car and waited.  We waited for people to come out with a few bags of groceries.  When they did, we approached them with our gift cards and Christmas bags.  What happened next stunned me.  As we handed them the gift cards worth $50, tears began to stream.  Immediately.  All 5 r...

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May 2, 2018

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