Living With Intention


July 19, 2017

This summer has been especially memorable.  After four years of working hard on our bare landscape, we finally have our garden and the Fancy Farm Barn set up and running. But it wasn't the beauty of these things that set my heart in motion thinking about the time left that I had with my children, or feeling the deep warmth of the sun on my face.  It was an unexpected day that firmly placed my gaze where it needed to be.

Last week, I was finishing up a day outside before going on a shopping trip with my daughter.  As we went out and about I felt uneasy about how my heart was feeling.  My  mind remembering the last few nights when I awoke with my heart racing and arms feeling weak.  By the time we had traveled to two stores, I was feeling quite uneasy.  Unsure of what was happening.  My heart was racing.  My arms felt heavy and weak.  I felt shortness of breath.  I had been researching all of the usual--stroke, heart attack, panic attacks, etc.  I just didn't know what I should do....

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