Living With Intention


March 19, 2018

Have you looked at Facebook today?  How about someone's Instagram?  Did you find yourself comparing your pictures to theirs, your stories to theirs?  Did you compare your weaknesses to their strengths?  It happens to the best of us.  We find ourselves perusing other peoples "On Stage" life and we compare it our own "Back Stage" life.  This can be devastating to our emotional health.  We can become insecure and question ourselves.  Over time, we can even feel jealous and distracted from our own blessings.  How can we avoid comparisons when the opportunities to compare seem endless?

Every November we take our family photos for our Christmas card.  We all get dressed in the chosen outfits, we comb hair and drive to the location.  By the time we get there, some kids are in tears, some have been fighting and there is always one with a grumpy attitude.  I bring the usual lollipops for bribery and hope for the best.  When the final card has been pri...

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