Living With Intention


April 28, 2018

Have you ever been talking to someone and all you could think about was something entirely different?  I have.  It feels awful.  It's like saying, "You are only a little important right now.  I have something much bigger on my plate".  This is something I have been working a lot on over the past couple of years.  It takes discipline to engage.  To really engage.  To look someone in the eye and show them that you are listening.  I would venture to say that it is more difficult than ever.  We have our to-do lists, notifications, work, kids, unfinished projects, debt, relationship issues,  and our upcoming vacation to plan.  We are busier than ever yet becoming less and less connected to real people.

We all have plenty of situations every day that call us to focus in.  To engage.  It could be with your boss or your child.  Maybe your grandmother calling or a friend.  Perhaps it is an acquaintance at a party when you'd really rather be...

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