Living With Intention


May 28, 2018

Today I watched as my youngest child gave her last piece of candy to her brother because he dropped his on the ground.  She did it carefully as if she pondered what it meant.  Then I watched as her demeanor changed from happy-go-lucky to proud.  I noticed her sacrifice.

As mothers, fathers, employees, service men and women, first-responders, last responders, we all sacrifice.  Some sacrifices are greater than others. But, something amazing happens when we choose to sacrifice our desires.  It changes us.  We become bigger, greater.  Our well-being brightens and we might even feel more at peace.  When we make an intentional choice to give up what we want or what we are doing to serve another life, it gives us life.  

So, to all who sacrifice your wants and needs today, I notice.

To the young mom who gives up her sleep to comfort her baby,

To the father working two jobs to give his family a wonderful life,

To the woman who cares for the elderly pers...

May 12, 2018

"Hey Mom, if you turn the "W" in the word We upside down, you get the word Me", exclaimed my youngest child.  I love learning things from my kids.  As I pondered this innocent statement, it resonated with me.  I had been a part of we for so long, I had lost my me.  I knew my me was in my we somewhere, but I was having trouble locating her.  I have been a wife for over 22 years.  I have been a mom for almost 15 years.  I love every minute of being a part of the we in my life.  But recently, I have missed the me.  Someone asked me once what I liked to do--just me.  Not with my kids, not for my kids, just me.  Hmmm.  I didn't really know.  I had no answer.  Last year, I decided to change that.

I began writing down things that ignited my passions.  Experiences I liked.  Skills I wished that I had learned. I reflected on the things I used to enjoy but had lost interest in.  I did some soul searching.  What I learned was th...

May 9, 2018

Living with intention takes focus and preparation.  It doesn't really happen naturally for most of us.  We are too busy and distracted which usually leads to days where we are "winging it" and hoping for the best.  We certainly have good intentions.  We have to-do lists, planners, and apps for getting organized.  But the "fires" in our days seem to overtake our good intentions at times.  One of the best ways to improve our day is to make a shatter-proof morning routine.

I have five kids.  I know how crazy mornings can be.  After many years of chaotic mornings turning into chaotic days, I finally decided to get focused and make my mornings matter.  First, I decided to make my mornings mine.  If you have children or other things/people you are in charge of, you know what I mean.  Once the morning starts, the radar goes off and everyone immediately needs you.  There is only one fix to this problem.  Get up earlier than everyone else.  Once I got over...

May 5, 2018

I have been to a few movies that have made a huge impact on me.  They added value to my life.  Then, I have seen some movies that were a waste of time.  Others still were so weak that they stole IQ points from me during the time that I watched them.  Movies remind me of our interactions with others.  Sometimes we add value to others through our conversations, words we use, and our input.  Sometimes our interactions are less than valuable.  

I often ask myself if I am adding value to those that I have contact with.  I ask this question daily when I am with my children.  Do I light up when they walk into the room?  Do I make them feel important? Do I listen to what they are telling me?  As their mom, I have a wonderful opportunity to make a huge impact in their lives.  This is an enormous responsibility.  I realize that I need to make margin in my life so that each day I can give them words filled with joy, hope and love....

May 4, 2018

My children and I drive for a Meals on Wheels program each week.  Every Friday we head out to home-bound seniors and deliver their meals for the day and the weekend.   Most of our seniors don't have the opportunity to get out of their homes much and for some, we might be the only visitors they have.  I love seeing their eyes light up when we approach.  They are often waiting for us at the door with a sweet smile.  It is truly an honor for us to be able to deliver meals to our seniors.

I want to teach our children that by managing our resources, we can give so much to those that are in need.  "But we aren't giving them any money", questioned one of my younger children.  It reminded me that we often think of giving only in terms of monetarily.  I wander if that keeps some of us from giving to those in need.  I reminded my children that they have very special resources to give.  As a matter of fact, only they have the very special gift...

May 2, 2018

All Spring, I have watched our beautiful Robins build their nests for upcoming chicks.  All day, one twig at a time, they build that nest.  The male watches out for predators and danger while the female gathers the sticks and twigs and builds and builds.  They never cease.  They are quite intentional.  They know the purpose for the day and set out to achieve it.  

I often think about animals when pondering the meaning of being intentional.  Purposeful.  Skillful.  Meaningful.  Noticing.  That is what I want to be.  Wake up with my purpose at the forefront of my to-do list.  Skillful at directing my hand to do the things that affirm my purpose.  Meaningfully communicate with every word that I speak.  And, notice all that is around me...without distractions of the dailiness of life.  

When I first set out on my journey toward intentionality, I didn't actually know what I was desiring.  I knew I wanted my life to be simpl...

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May 2, 2018

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