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September 18, 2018

Several years ago my husband and I decided that we would downgrade the amount of things that we bought as gifts and instead build experiences for the occasion.  Slowly we began to spend less and less on Christmas gifts and birthday gifts.  We announced to the kids that we would build a family experience for their birthday instead of doing another party at the local trampoline center or other great place that every other child picks for their party.  

We didn't get too much resistance.  After we planned a couple of great experiences, they were all in.  So now, we spend about $20 on a gift and spend the extra money that we would have spend on a party to go somewhere super amazing and do an adventure that we wouldn't otherwise spend the money on.  A couple of our adventures from the past years include: riding in a helicopter to see the Christmas lights in our town (we have a couple of Christmas birthdays), dog mushing in the beautiful town of Winter Park, CO, hot air balloon...

September 6, 2018

Many years ago, I was listening to a series from Tony Robbins.  I often enjoyed his lectures and I can still remember one of them quite vividly.  I was sitting in my living room, taking notes.  The topic was on Creating Your Greatest Life.  There is one thing that he said during that entire series that I remember...and it changed my life.  He urged his listeners to pinpoint ONE thing on your list that you have been meaning to do.  Just one.  It could be small or large.  Scary or boring.  Then he said, circle it and make that one thing happen.

It seemed really simple.  Make one thing happen.  But the magic was in the previous sentence.  One thing that you have been meaning to do.  This implies that there is a reason you haven't done that one thing.  Perhaps you are scared.  Maybe lacking energy or will power.  It could be that starting this one thing might lead to other things.  Whatever it is, there is a reason it hasn't been done....

September 2, 2018

When I started my Intentional Living journey many years ago, I knew I needed to slow down and focus more on the things that mattered.  I desired to be more purposeful and mindful.  I wanted to notice things around me instead of just "go through the motions" as I had often done in the past.  I wanted to be present...really be a part of my experiences.  

It took a lot of practice and discipline to focus on my well-being.  It took loads of patience.  Just when I thought being really busy was difficult, I learned that doing things slow and on purpose was sometimes even more challenging.

Living With Intention is meant to share my experiences and be an encouragement to you!  I am continually learning to make room for the things that matter and I hope to inspire you to do the same.  Thank you for listening and reading and I look forward to many more years of journeying along with you!

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