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The Colorado Miracle Crew

Where Small Acts of Kindness Become Someone's Miracle

Sometimes all it takes to change a life is a small miracle.

How We Work:

1) We choose a family, individual or community group from our list of nominees to become our Miracle Crew recipient.

2) We find out how we can best be of help to them to be their miracle.

3) We surprise the recipient with their own special miracle!

4) We share their story and miracle with others to inspire others to become someone else's MIRACLE!


We believe that giving is one of the most vital acts we can do as humans.  Giving to others breathes life into us.  Due to the importance of giving, we have developed a very special program called the Colorado Miracle Crew.  Sometimes people need a little miracle to help them in their situations that seem overwhelming.  For some, eviction may be looming.  For others, putting food on the table for this month seems impossible.  Whatever the situation, receiving hope, care and help from others can be a true life-changer.  The Miracle Crew can help!  If you know someone who deserves a helping hand, please nominate them.  And don't forget to donate to The Miracle Crew where 100% of your donation goes to help the nominated party.  Every time we meet our $1500 goal, a nominee is chosen.  Then we go to work creating their miracle!

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