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Education and Resources for Living With Intent

 Constant learning takes us to better places.  When we choose to learn and commit to changing for the better, we find ourselves impacting the people around us in a positive way.  The following articles, how-to videos and informational challenges will assist you in your Intentional Living goals.  Each topic is important to our everyday growth and will contribute to your purposeful living!  Enjoy these resources.  As always, check back often-- more videos and articles arrive weekly.  

This page is continually updated with new articles.  Please check back for more articles each week.

 Intentional University offers Education and Resources including fresh new articles, how-to videos, challenges, and photos  in order to assist you in your goal of Living With Intention.  Each resource is written to help inform, inspire, and motivate you toward becoming the individual you wish to be...while it matters.  

House and Home

House and Home offers various learning tools for topics including Clutter Free Living, Making Beautiful Spaces, Making Household Processes Simpler, and much more.  Click button to see videos, articles with pictures and more.  

Outdoor Living and Gardening

  Outdoor Living is one of my favorite topics to write about.  From Kids Outdoors to Raising Chickens, this category features all kinds of fun and informative articles about Self Sustainability , The Fancy Farm Barn, The Garden of Eating, and much more.  Click button to enjoy these fun how-to videos and informational articles.

Activities, Schedules, Kids and More

There is nothing that screams out-of-balance more than our stuffed schedules, too many activities and stressed out calendar of commitments--not to mention notifications and beeping phones.  These articles offer some needed guidance on topics ranging from Finding Your Happy Place, Scheduling Do's and Don'ts, Special Moments with Your Kids, and much more.  This category has a wide range of articles and how-to videos so take some time to read through all of these goodies.  I am sure you will find something you like. Click button to get started on these topics.

Finances,Giving and Generosity

 This topic index includes feature articles on Creating a Budget, Cutting Your Grocery Budget, Making Giving a Priority, and much more.  Click button to see how-to videos, feature articles and more.

Health, Food and Wellness

 Health and Food is such a wonderful topic to dive into and learn more about to give your life a boost.  Wellness through food can be exciting and very helpful.  Learn from articles including Healthy Snack for you and Your Family, Food Planning, Entertaining at Home and more.  One of my deepest passions, Health and Wellness cannot be overstated for its importance.  Click button to enjoy these informative and delightful articles.

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