The Desire to DO Something

I often ask my children what they want to be when they grow up. I enjoy hearing their plethora of answers--some changing weekly. I hear aspirations like, "I want to be a farmer". "I want to be a Pastor. "I want to make candy in a Candy Shop". Lately, as my oldest daughter has reached her teens, her dreams have changed. When my husband sweetly said to her, "Can you stay little forever?" She flashed her beautiful, bright smile and said, "Then I would never be able to change the world."

Change the world. That is often what we want to do, isn't it? When we are little, we want to be someone great. We want to do things that matter. Even as we age, our desire to become someone important continues to grow and develop. But sometimes, life gets in the way of our dreams. We let those dreams lag behind us and soon we forget our dreams. The mighty things that we wanted to achieve. Finances, debt, health, kids, relationships--the dailiness of our lives takes over and we loose our dreams.

I was contemplating my dreams today. The ones that I lost. The aspirations that never met their destiny. Then, just as quick, I was reminded of all the dreams I have accomplished. At the onset, they may not seem as grand as the dreams I dreamed when I was younger. After all, I never became a professional singer, an Olympian or Doctor. But, when I began thinking more accurately about the dreams I have achieved, I began to see clearly that the greatness of who we are is not in the major things we become or do but in the day-to-day things that we act out. For example, when I say I am a mom, that doesn't sound super accomplished. But when I consider that I speak into the lives of five amazing children everyday and give them opportunities to believe in themselves so that they can accomplish anything--that is truly amazing. When I say I listened to a friend today talk about her struggles, that doesn't sound like a lofty goal achieved. But when I realize that my ear gave hope and healing to a friend who truly needed someone to care today so she could in turn, give life to her family--now that is something super wonderful.

It is in the little things that we are, that we do, that makes us accomplished. Not just being a parent, but speaking hope and beauty into your children's lives. Not just being a friend but listening and speaking with your heart and soul to someone who desperately needs it. Not just working everyday but cheerfully providing for your family so they can achieve all they were meant to be. So today, achieve your dreams by living your "dailiness" with purpose, grace and love. These are the acts that make a difference, today, while it matters.

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