Resources Used Well

My children and I drive for a Meals on Wheels program each week. Every Friday we head out to home-bound seniors and deliver their meals for the day and the weekend. Most of our seniors don't have the opportunity to get out of their homes much and for some, we might be the only visitors they have. I love seeing their eyes light up when we approach. They are often waiting for us at the door with a sweet smile. It is truly an honor for us to be able to deliver meals to our seniors.

I want to teach our children that by managing our resources, we can give so much to those that are in need. "But we aren't giving them any money", questioned one of my younger children. It reminded me that we often think of giving only in terms of monetarily. I wander if that keeps some of us from giving to those in need. I reminded my children that they have very special resources to give. As a matter of fact, only they have the very special gifts of child-like faith, energy, smiles and unencumbered joy. Sometimes children have more to give than most of us. Their energy is unbridled. Their excitement is genuine. Their love is unconditional. They truly have unique and wonderful gifts to give.

What if we approached this season with a desire to give to others in the same way a child can give. I want to think deeply about how I can give of my resources this season. In terms of monetary giving but also digging deeper. I would like to unearth and rediscover what unique gifts I have that can serve others. Making meals for the homeless. Helping an elderly neighbor with her leaves. Packing boxes of food at a local pantry. Saying hello to a stranger that looks hopeless. Making eye contact with the person holding the cardboard sign. Helping a mother in a grocery store who has three toddlers under the age of three. What are your resources? They might be a bit hidden. May-be unused for a while or hidden underneath some rubble. Can you name any of your unique resources? Time? Energy? Administrative? Organizing? Inspiring? Praying? Planning? It is time to dig them out. Dust them off. And begin using our unique resources for others. Perhaps someone very special is waiting to receive them.

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