Choosing To Add Value

I have been to a few movies that have made a huge impact on me. They added value to my life. Then, I have seen some movies that were a waste of time. Others still were so weak that they stole IQ points from me during the time that I watched them. Movies remind me of our interactions with others. Sometimes we add value to others through our conversations, words we use, and our input. Sometimes our interactions are less than valuable.

I often ask myself if I am adding value to those that I have contact with. I ask this question daily when I am with my children. Do I light up when they walk into the room? Do I make them feel important? Do I listen to what they are telling me? As their mom, I have a wonderful opportunity to make a huge impact in their lives. This is an enormous responsibility. I realize that I need to make margin in my life so that each day I can give them words filled with joy, hope and love.

Even times of discipline or guidance can add value to their lives. It all depends on how I choose to use my words and tone. I can speak with patience and love or I can use my words as a weapon. I want my children to feel lifted up by me--even when I have given them direction. By remembering that I am leaving a print on their hearts every time I speak to them, I can choose to add value each time I open my mouth.

This is also true during our interactions with others. I love when Rachel Macy Stafford from Hands Free Mama says that we should remember to give "airport goodbyes" as much as possible. Let's show our loved ones that they are exactly that--our LOVED ones. So, this week after every exchange we have with someone, we can ask, "Did I add value to their lives or did I take it away?" Let's leave an imprint that is filled with joy, love and inspiration wherever we walk. This will be our trail that we leave behind so that others may follow us!

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