The Me in We

"Hey Mom, if you turn the "W" in the word We upside down, you get the word Me", exclaimed my youngest child. I love learning things from my kids. As I pondered this innocent statement, it resonated with me. I had been a part of we for so long, I had lost my me. I knew my me was in my we somewhere, but I was having trouble locating her. I have been a wife for over 22 years. I have been a mom for almost 15 years. I love every minute of being a part of the we in my life. But recently, I have missed the me. Someone asked me once what I liked to do--just me. Not with my kids, not for my kids, just me. Hmmm. I didn't really know. I had no answer. Last year, I decided to change that.

I began writing down things that ignited my passions. Experiences I liked. Skills I wished that I had learned. I reflected on the things I used to enjoy but had lost interest in. I did some soul searching. What I learned was that I lost touch with my me. Like an old friend, I hadn't kept up with her thoughts, feelings and desires. She was too busy. Too busy taking care of everyone else. Too tired with the mental load of making sure everything was happening well. She didn't have time for me. So we lost touch.

The amazing thing was that, like an old friend, as soon as I began getting in touch with her again, it was like old times. I soon remembered what she liked. The things that made her happy. I realized that once I began paying attention to my me, I began to show up. This is my summer mantra--Finding the Me in We. I don't mean it to sound selfish. But, I know that when I am inspired, lifted up, learning new things, I can show up. I show up in such a better way. As a better mom. A better friend. A better wife. Finding the Me in We. If you'd like, you can join me. Go ahead, find your Me this summer!

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