How Your Sacrifice Will Change the World

Today I watched as my youngest child gave her last piece of candy to her brother because he dropped his on the ground. She did it carefully as if she pondered what it meant. Then I watched as her demeanor changed from happy-go-lucky to proud. I noticed her sacrifice.

As mothers, fathers, employees, service men and women, first-responders, last responders, we all sacrifice. Some sacrifices are greater than others. But, something amazing happens when we choose to sacrifice our desires. It changes us. We become bigger, greater. Our well-being brightens and we might even feel more at peace. When we make an intentional choice to give up what we want or what we are doing to serve another life, it gives us life.

So, to all who sacrifice your wants and needs today, I notice.

To the young mom who gives up her sleep to comfort her baby,

To the father working two jobs to give his family a wonderful life,

To the woman who cares for the elderly person who experiences confusion,

To the man who is caring for his aging mother now returning her love back to her,

To the teen who sees a lonely kid at lunch so she goes over to sit next to her,

To the little boy who shares his matchbox car with a crying toddler at the playground,

To the coach who stays after practice to listen to his student's life ambitions,

To the teacher who scrapes together enough money to buy special mementos for her kids so they won't forget how special they are,

To the construction worker who stops to help a mother duck cross in safety with her ducklings,

To the passerby who races out of his car to help a stumbling elderly woman cross the street,

To the neighbor who see that the dirty little boy who comes over is hungry often so she feeds him,

To the mom of a teenager who stays up into the wee hours of the night because that is when her teen wants to talk,

To the parent that listens to the funny joke of his child for the fifteenth time...and still laughs,

To the pedestrian who goes out of his way to offer the woman with a cardboard sign a smile and nod,

To the service man or woman who signed on the dotted line to fight for the freedoms of strangers,

I see you.

And so does your child. Your dad. Your mom. Your neighbor. Your boss. Your acts of sacrifice are noticed. Even when it doesn't seem like it. Your acts of sacrifice build like a strong tower into your soul, and they make you stronger. Keep on with the good work, my friend. Your small acts of sacrifice and kindness today will change the world tomorrow.

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