Savoring What Matters

Have you heard the word Savor? I really like this word. The first thing that comes to my mind is that old commercial for ketchup with the big, juicy hamburger awaiting the ketchup from the bottle with the song, "Anticipation" playing in the background. You could just taste how good it was going to be. Savor. We want to savor moments that are too good to let fade from our memories. Have you savored any moments lately?

The other day, my children and I were at a pool, sipping iced drinks while relaxing. The day was pristine. I said, "Okay guys, savor this moment. You'll want to feel this moment again in about six months". Of course, in six months we will be freezing and this pristine day at the pool will only be a memory. But what if we FEEL it a little longer while it is happening? What if we look at the beautiful scenery a little deeper? What if we close our eyes and smell the summer air with clarity? Can we savor this moment so that we can recall it better later?

Living on purpose allows us to notice things more in our lives. It calls us to savor our experiences without just living life quickly. So today, as you are going about your business, try to savor your moments. Be a part of your experience so you can fully recall your moments later. Enjoy, be in the experience, and savor all that life has to offer you today.

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