Her Last Dance

Our family embarked on an amazing journey this past weekend. We had the honor of preparing and offering our oldest daughter a lavish and wonderful Quinceanera. This special occasion is so much more than just a was truly magical. A ceremony calling her to take her faith as her own, numerous friends and family members supporting her as she grows into this next chapter of her life and lots of enjoyment.

It was really fun for our family because we prepared a great family dance and our daughter choreographed a special dance with each of her four siblings. As we planned for this momentous occasion, I was thinking about which parts might bring me to tears. Which parts I would remember the most. Would it be the daddy/daughter dance, or my special dance with her to Celine Dion's, A Mother's Prayer? May-be it would be watching her come out as the announcer called her name. There were so many meaningful moments.

The night was pretty much perfect. But it wasn't until the very last dance that I would find my most favorite memory. The instant that took me by surprise. The guests had all but left, the catering crew was quietly cleaning up and the DJ was playing the very last song of the night. The dance floor was empty...almost. As I turned the corner toward the ballroom, my eyes rested directly on my beautiful daughter. There she was, dancing all out. Like this was the last dance she would ever dance. She was flashing that big, bright smile and dancing with her brothers. Her arms swinging back, her back bending as if she was a skilled ice skater dancing on the ice. She looked free. Unfettered. Taking a hold of every last moment this night had to offer.

As I took a deep breath and watched, time stood still. Not for the days of the past when she was small and quiet and shy and reserved. But, I could see her in her future. So beautiful, changing the world with passion and grace. This is my moment. Seeing my unforgettable daughter reaching the stars. I am so grateful I had to the chance to be a quiet spectator on the sidelines of her great, momentous last dance.

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