Choosing to Slow Down

When I started my Intentional Living journey many years ago, I knew I needed to slow down and focus more on the things that mattered. I desired to be more purposeful and mindful. I wanted to notice things around me instead of just "go through the motions" as I had often done in the past. I wanted to be present...really be a part of my experiences.

It took a lot of practice and discipline to focus on my well-being. It took loads of patience. Just when I thought being really busy was difficult, I learned that doing things slow and on purpose was sometimes even more challenging.

Living With Intention is meant to share my experiences and be an encouragement to you! I am continually learning to make room for the things that matter and I hope to inspire you to do the same. Thank you for listening and reading and I look forward to many more years of journeying along with you!

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