Your One Thing

Many years ago, I was listening to a series from Tony Robbins. I often enjoyed his lectures and I can still remember one of them quite vividly. I was sitting in my living room, taking notes. The topic was on Creating Your Greatest Life. There is one thing that he said during that entire series that I remember...and it changed my life. He urged his listeners to pinpoint ONE thing on your list that you have been meaning to do. Just one. It could be small or large. Scary or boring. Then he said, circle it and make that one thing happen.

It seemed really simple. Make one thing happen. But the magic was in the previous sentence. One thing that you have been meaning to do. This implies that there is a reason you haven't done that one thing. Perhaps you are scared. Maybe lacking energy or will power. It could be that starting this one thing might lead to other things. Whatever it is, there is a reason it hasn't been done.

I circled my one thing. It read, Begin Adoption Journey. After a decade of infertility, my husband and I had talked about adoption. He was ready. I was not. But I had been preparing myself for this decision. I wanted to make sure I was totally in. I didn't want to begin half-heartedly. I looked at that One thing and I knew I was indeed ready. I was just scared.

What took a long time to begin took only about two months to finish. Our amazing, beautiful, perfect baby girl was in our arms before we knew it. Sometimes I wonder

what would have been if I hadn't heard that message. What if I never finished that One task? Take the plunge today. Circle yours and make it happen!

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