Being Overcommitted, Overstressed and Overscheduled Is Throwing Us Over

Some days, I have no margin for error. Everything is scheduled to the minute. If anything goes wrong, I'm toast. I call it over-committed. Some days my home feels like it has no margin for error. If I add one more item to that closet, it might burst. I call it over cluttered. And worst of all, some days I feel so over committed, over scheduled and over cluttered that I have no patience and my words snap at someone I love. I call it over stressed.

All of these "overs" in our lives can be hard on us. They can steal our joy and leave us empty. Many years ago before I started my decluttering phase, I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would be thinking about my house. I was thinking about how much stuff we had and how I needed to clean it, organize it, fit it and store it. So, I began this journey of decluttering. I realized that the answer wasn't more storage bins or a bigger house but the answer was less stuff.

When my children were younger, I felt like I had to have them in every class, program and busy all of the time. When I realized that this way of life was robbing us from the more important things in life (like playing outside for hours on end), we decided to move to the country and slow down our schedules. I knew the answer wasn't more time but the answer was fewer commitments.

I know when I am feeling too stressed. It is easy to tell. All I have to do is look at the faces of my children. They tell me. It is during these times that I must make a change. When my oldest daughter was four, I was in Target and I watched a mother who spoke harshly to her tween girl. She told her to go down the isle and pick the right item instead of the one she had picked. As the girl turned from her mom, I caught a glimpse of the girl's face. Her eyes dropped, her smile left and worry came over her. Then I looked at my little girl. I prayed that I would never make her feel that way. I couldn't bare to think of her as her 11 year old self and display such a face due to my words. I have kept that girl's look in my mind for the sole purpose of reminding me of who I want to be for my children. I don't want to be over committed, over distracted, or over anything. I want to be the best version of myself on a regular basis.

Perhaps you are feeling over committed or over scheduled. May be it's over spending or over eating. Whatever you might be feeling over, I think it is time that we do something about it. Let's begin to bring our overs back to where they belong--under control.

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