How to Be More Intentional

When I think of living intentionally, I can't help but think of the idea of planning. Although we can live intentionally without planning, I find that my intention-radar goes up significantly when I plan to be intentional. Planning allows me to develop my days, weeks and months in an organized manner, therefore allowing me to accomplish the things that I would like in the manner that I set out to.

A few of the areas that I like to be intentional about include planning our family outings, intentionally choosing organizations to give to and to serve through, creating dates with my husband, planning fun ideas to add to my children's schooling, growth time for myself, etc. I have found that when I take the time to plan the things that are important to me, I can fit everything in my schedule and reserve the energy I need to accomplish it.

On the flip side, if I don't plan for the things that matter, time goes by and I don't accomplish the things I want to. If I don't plan on our fun and unique family outings, an entire season can pass without experiencing anything adventurous. The weekends can roll along with the familiar question, "what are we going to do this weekend?" All it takes is a quick internet search for budget friendly ideas for the family, mark them on the calendar and viola, it is planned.

Another area I like to plan for is for my own growth. If I am not careful, I am put on the back burner. But if I take the time to think of things that make me flourish and plan them, then I put them on my calendar and I am off to a great season of growth. Perhaps I might plan a coffee date with a friend, plan time to take a class online, make an appointment to get my nails done and plan my workout schedule for the month. This allows me to forget about all that I need to get done because it is already scheduled.

Try thinking of two areas in your life that you would like to plan. May-be it is time with

your spouse, or fun family times. May-be it is time set aside to plan your new business or develop an awesome month of dinner menus. Whatever it is, if you take the time to plan, you can achieve it so much more effectively.

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